Our Process

Fast. Flexible. Invested in Your Success.

Our Process

Fast. Flexible. Invested in Your Success.

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Local Knowledge

There’s no need to rely on a lender who lives 200 miles away. Our lenders live and work in top markets around the country, so they truly know the area you’re investing in. We’re expanding our reach quickly, so if you don’t see your market listed, we’ll likely be there soon!

Locations Across the U.S.

With local lenders located in top markets around the country, we have the local market knowledge to help you make smart investment decisions.

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Your One Stop Shop

From fix-and-flip rehabs to long-term rental properties and infill new constructions, we have a suite of loan programs that is sure to suit your needs. Whether you need to purchase a property or refinance out of your current loan, we’ve got your back with our in-house servicing team.

Full Suite of Loan Programs

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Rehab Loans

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Rental "Term" Loans

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New Construction Loans

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Multi-Family Loans

In-House Servicing

All loan servicing is handled in-house. Every step of the way, a Renovo employee is directly handling your loan. This includes originating, processing, underwriting, closing and even the draw inspections. Because we don’t rely on 3rd parties to handle your loan for us, we can really hustle to get your funds to you as fast as possible.
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Fast and Efficient Timeline

In real estate investing, time is money. Every day you wait on a loan to close is a day where you aren’t profiting on your investment property. We understand that it’s essential to move things forward as fast as possible. That’s why our in-house servicing team strives to make the whole process – from LOI to loan closing – as fast as possible. 

48 Hour Draw Process

“We try to make our draws process as quick as possible. Typically from request to funding, it’s within 48 hours. The average loan is around four draws per project. Upon completing a draw, I can input the information, upload it to our database and it can go to be approved right away.”
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Lending Flexibility

Got a classic fix-and-flip project to finance? We got you. Need to roll a rehab loan into a rental loan? No problem. You found a nice lot to build on? Let’s make it happen. What if you’re already 90% through construction? We’ll refinance that. Renovo knows there is no such thing as a prototypical investor, but there are common approaches, objectives and challenges in each market.

We're Your Partner

“So many times, we see clients come to us, because a bank either can’t get the job done, can’t get the deal done, or told them they could get it done, and then let them down at the end. When you have an idea and a business plan that you want to go execute on, there are very few things that are more important than a financial partner who has your back and who always comes through for you.”

Google Reviews

5 Stars Gold

“Really great experience, every curveball that was thrown at Renovo was handled perfectly! I couldn’t be more happy with the service and professionalism! Strongly recommend!”

– Josh R.

5 Stars Gold

“Absolutely incredible team who made this process smooth and easy. I closed my development project in no time with no hassle.”

– Pamela B.

5 Stars Gold

“Renovo is the real deal! Transparent, forthcoming, and dependable. All qualities you need when working with a hard money lender, or any lender for that matter. Looking forward to doing more deals with Renovo in the future!”

– Jennie B.

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