Our clients will tell you why they choose to finance their projects with Renovo.


Our clients will tell you why they choose to finance their projects with Renovo.

Relationship-Based Lending

Renovo has built its processes around the client’s individual needs and goals – that’s what makes us one of the easiest real estate lending companies to work with. With a sharpened focus on the client, Renovo’s lending platform is built on providing value, not checking boxes. Through taking the time to know our clients, and understand their businesses, our lenders are able to develop custom solutions which contribute to a higher likelihood of success for each project. Cultivating these deep relationship extends beyond traditional lending practices, but the process is core to our values.

Making a Difference

“My real passion is in philanthropy. These investments are a way for us to create more money to give away. I think one of the best things that’s happened to me since being in the real estate investment business so far is meeting Renovo.”

Building a Community

“The neighborhoods that we’re developing – traditional lenders aren’t there yet. Renovo has the vision to be able to work with us and say, ‘Hey this may not fit in a traditional underwriting box, but we believe in you, we know you’re a good borrower, we know your track record and we’re a believer in what you’re trying to accomplish.'”

Pursuing a Passion

“When I think about doing real estate everyday, I think about only getting better. If 100% of my time is focused on real estate investment, things are only going to get better for me, my team and my family. I don’t know how I could get it done without Renovo.”

Helping Others Invest

“I love what I do. I love real estate, so my goal will be to continue expanding my real estate portfolio, and at the same time, help others to build their portfolio. Renovo not only does business, they take the business personally, too. They understand your needs and that makes it easier.”

Google Reviews

5 Stars Gold

“Really great experience, every curveball that was thrown at Renovo was handled perfectly! I couldn’t be more happy with the service and professionalism! Strongly recommend!”

– Josh R.

5 Stars Gold

“Absolutely incredible team who made this process smooth and easy. I closed my development project in no time with no hassle.”

– Pamela B.

5 Stars Gold

“Renovo is the real deal! Transparent, forthcoming, and dependable. All qualities you need when working with a hard money lender, or any lender for that matter. Looking forward to doing more deals with Renovo in the future!”

– Jennie B.