Renovo Financial

Our Team

Meet our team of real estate lenders, industry experts, fearless leaders…and coffee addicts.

Our Team

Meet our team of real estate lenders, industry experts, fearless leaders… and coffee addicts.


#HustleHarder is not a throw-away marketing slogan. It’s the foundational value of our culture: a “can-do” attitude and the energy to deliver an exceptional customer experience with every interaction. We listen. We ask questions. And we do everything possible to help you succeed. You have our commitment.

Our Values

Values drive the heartbeat of our company. Our values are shaped by the traits, ethics, decisions, and beliefs that we hold dear and are exemplified far and wide across all departments. Renovo has four success pillars that foster a fruitful, empathetic, and inclusive work environment. We believe the foundation of our company culture is outlined by our employees who are willing to: #HustleHarder, obtain Unparalleled Support#GrowWithRenovo, and cultivate Renovo Community. 



We believe each one of our employees can #HustleHarder and take ownership of their own success. We set expectations, follow through, & celebrate each other’s successes.



The sky is the limit. For those who stay challenged and curious, there will always be career mobility and the opportunity to professionally develop. We believe in common sense employment and are not afraid to create new positions where we see a valuable opportunity.


Unparalleled Support

We set you up for success during the entirety of your team member lifecycle.  Our external customer service commitment to our clients is reflected in our internal commitment to our whole entire team. You have our devotion.  


Renovo Community

We pride ourselves on our ability to create an equal-opportunity environment that fosters promotions, improvement, and success for all. We walk alongside you to help you reach your goals while we all work together to aid our clients in accomplishing their goals.

Renovo Culture Matters

Our company culture relies heavily on transparency and equal opportunity for all to pursue their passions and maximize their potential within our company’s sphere. Your determination, entrepreneurial spirit, and work ethic will be a key factor in your development and Renovo’s overall success.


We are built on the crux of healthy communication and being a trusted oasis. We want to build your confidence and empower you to excel through internal education and a cross-functioning company structure that allows you to broaden your expertise and become informed about the real estate lending market at large. We support you individually and don’t do a “one-size-fits-all,” because in this industry, it doesn’t work that wayEach one of our team members has a different trajectory, even if we all have a common purpose. We walk with you step by step.


You will be learning a lot working with us, but we know that you have had unique experiences that set you apart, and we want to hear about them. Every great company is not made up of just one mind, but many minds coming together. We recognize this and know that our team is made up of individuals with very diverse backgrounds; we believe these unique perspectives are what bring our company success. Your special differences are what can bring something business-changing to the table. 

Q&A with Renovo's Team

Erik Demiranda
Managing Director, Rhode Island

Q: How has Renovo shaped how you communicate with your team and clients?


"We need to know who we are working with. We need to understand them on a deeper level because at Renovo we value relationships. For me, I always make sure to treat everyone (team and clients) like they are my family. this industry is very relational."

Abbey Hearn
SVP of Production

Q: How has your career grown since starting at the company?


"I came to Renovo about 6.5 years ago with only a few years of sales experience under my belt. I now have a full team of Production Assistants that I am managing on a daily basis. If you put in the hard work and dedication, it does not go unnoticed. There is a lot of room for growth at Renovo!"

Jessica Ortiz Medina
Senior Client Relationship Manager

Q: What's the vibe like in the office?


“Some days, when most teams choose to work from home, it's a quiet place to get busy and focus on your work. Other days, when the teams come together, it's a fast-paced and collaborative environment. We listen to music, get lunch together and have valuable in-person meetings.”


"Treating everyone with compassion and equity is the foundation for building a healthy workspace, and here at Renovo we live for teamwork and genuine connections".